Limeliters -Power & Glory/ Until We Get It Right

Pat Wictor - Love Is the Water/ Waiting for the Water
Bev Grant - We Were There/ We Were There
Grit Laskin - Soft and Round/ A Few Simple Words
Anne Murray - Hi Lili Hi Lo/ There's a Hippo In My Tub

Chris & Meredith Thompson - When I Go/ Lines of Longitude
Bob Gibson - Let the Band Play Dixie / Living Legend Years
Art Thieme - The Great Turtle Drive/ Outright Boldfaced Lies
Buffy Ste Marie - Circle Game/ Fire & Fleet & Candle

Disappear Fear - Who's So Scared/ Disappear Fear
Brother Sun - Lady of the Harbor/ Some Part of the Truth
Billy Jonas - Holy Man/ New
Eva Cassidy - Fields of Gold/ Songbird

Emma's Revolution - Bound for Freedom/ One x1,000,000 = Change
Faith Petric - Grandma's Battle Cry/ Faith's Favorites
Chuck Brodsky - The ome Heres & the Been Heres/ 2 Sets - Set 2
Chad Mitchell Trio - Dona Dona Dona/ Chad Mitchell Trio Collection

Holly Near - I Ain't Afraid / And Still We Sing
John Flynn - Kintsugi / Poor Man's Diamonds
Camille West - Viagra in the Water/ Diva's Day Off
Kim & Reggie Harris - All My Relations/ In the Heat of the Summer

Aileen Vance - Waterfall/ Sweet Life
David Roth (with Anne Hills) - That Kind of Grace/ Rising In Love
Christopher Brown - Guenevere/ Characterist

Brother Sun - When I'm Gone - Weights and Wings